4 Seasons – 4 Values


Our standards are high and we do not compromise on the quality of our products. We persist in bio products, because chemicals burden our bodies and the environment, and we also persist in traditional products, because the recipes that are passed down from generation to generation contain all the wisdom of the cultures that created them.


Knowledge is right, especially when it comes to nutrition. Our highly trained staff is always at your disposal to serve you and answer to every question you might have.


We want 4 Seasons to be a destination and not another address in the center of Athens. That is why every day we renew our products, so that a tour of our store or online shop looks more like an exploration.


“The best medicine is to teach the other how not to need it.” Behind everything we do, there is a desire to help you take better care of yourself, starting with one of the most important factors for your health, your nutrition.

“We have the best and the purest food the earth has to offer.”

We are two brothers, Vassilis and George Souvatzoglou, who made healthy nutrition, our lifestyle and then a profession. 4 Seasons was founded in 2006, when we were 24 and 18 years old respectively, before avocados became an object of worship. Since then, we feel lucky every day to be able to share with you our vision and our love for real food, making available not only the supplies but also the knowledge necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

From its first day of operation, 4 Seasons is constantly evolving and growing, aiming to provide you with a wide and up-to-date range of products. We are very proud of our grocery department and the fact that we have managed to collect a variety of certified organic food of high quality, from producers in Greece and around the world.

The 4 Seasons Organic Food Market, with 14 years of expertise in healthy nutrition, is the must-go food destination in the heart of Athens. We provide high-quality organic foods from Greece and all over the world, while offering a wide range of excellent colors, aromas and textures.

Our products’ selection is being conducted based on our vision and love for real food, while offering the essential knowledge for a healthy and holistic way of living. Furthermore, our products meet the needs of many specialized food trends and/or choices, like vegan, keto, raw, fruitarian, gluten free, lactose free, salt free and sugar free diets.