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Showing all 11 results




Smoked Salmon Hand Cut in Thin Slices Mild 100gr Kenmare

9,15 / pcs
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Blue Crab Lump Meat 200gr Aegean Gourmet

19,98 / pcs
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Blue Crab Meat 200gr Aegean Gourmet

16,90 / pcs
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Octopus Carpaccio 100gr Aegean Gourmet

11,40 / pcs
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Atlantic Smoked Salmon Βio 75gr Labeyrie

8,20 / pcs
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Wild Salmon 75gr Labeyrie

8,60 / pcs
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Smoked Salmon Trout Fillet Orchomenos Natural (kg) P.Dimou

28,70 / kg
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Dehydrated Grated Bottarga 50gr Trikalinos

13,45 / pcs
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Organic Salmon Smoked Cut In Sashimi Style 70gr Kenmare

9,45 / pcs

Smoked salmon fillet Tsar Nikolaj 120gr Balik

69,00 / pcs

Grey Mullet Bottarga Trikalinos (kg

145,00 / kg